SUNSHINE-MALL Big Sprinkler for Kids and Dog

SUNSHINE-MALL Big Sprinkler for Kids and Dog

SUNSHINE-MALL Big Sprinkler for Kids and Dog

Introducing the SUNSHINE-MALL Big Sprinkler for Kids and Dog, the ultimate water toy for children. This inflatable sea turtle pool is not only a source of endless fun, but also a great tool for learning and development.

Why Choose the SUNSHINE-MALL Big Sprinkler?

1. Fun and Educational: The sea turtle design and sprinkler feature make this pool a captivating and interactive toy for kids. They can splash around and enjoy the refreshing water while learning about marine life.

2. Safe and Durable: Made from high-quality materials, this pool is built to withstand hours of play. It is also equipped with safety features such as non-slip bottom and sturdy walls to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

3. Easy to Set Up: The inflatable design allows for quick and hassle-free setup. Simply inflate the pool, connect it to a garden hose, and watch as the water sprays out from the turtle’s back.


  • 68-inch size, perfect for babies and toddlers
  • Sea turtle design with vibrant colors
  • Sprinkler feature for added fun
  • Durable and safe materials
  • Easy to inflate and deflate

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Is this pool suitable for all ages?
  2. The SUNSHINE-MALL Big Sprinkler is designed for babies and toddlers. It provides a safe and enjoyable water experience for young children.

  3. How do I connect the pool to a garden hose?
  4. There is a built-in connector on the turtle’s back. Simply attach the hose to the connector and turn on the water.

  5. Can I use this pool indoors?
  6. This pool is designed for outdoor use. It is not recommended for indoor use.


The SUNSHINE-MALL Big Sprinkler for Kids and Dog is the perfect water toy for children. With its sea turtle design, sprinkler feature, and educational value, it provides hours of fun and learning. Get one for your little ones and watch them splash and play in the sun!