Pro-Kleen NOGrow Weed Killer 10L

Pro-Kleen NOGrow Weed Killer 10L

Pro-Kleen NOGrow Weed Killer 10L

Are you tired of dealing with stubborn weeds and moss in your garden? Look no further! Introducing Pro-Kleen NOGrow Weed Killer 10L, the ultimate solution to your weed problems. With its quick results and eco-friendly formula, you’ll have a weed-free garden in no time.

Quick Results

Pro-Kleen NOGrow has been specially developed for customers who want a quick and safe way to remove weeds and moss from their gardens. Thanks to its innovative formula blend of organic acids, detergents, and other key ingredients, you can start seeing results in as little as 2-4 hours. Say goodbye to those unsightly weeds!

Powerful and Effective

Designed to effectively remove and control weeds from all areas, including paths, patios, driveways, and decking, Pro-Kleen NOGrow is a powerful solution. Its double strength formula ensures that even the toughest weeds are no match for its weed-killing power. You can trust Pro-Kleen to get the job done.

Easy Application

Using Pro-Kleen NOGrow is a breeze. Simply apply the weed killer liberally on the affected areas using a household trigger sprayer, pump sprayer, or watering can. Let NOGrow do its work, and watch as the weeds disappear. Just remember not to apply it on grass to avoid any damage.

Safe for Children and Pets

One of the best features of Pro-Kleen NOGrow is its eco-friendly and organic composition. It is glyphosate-free, making it safe for children and pets. Once the product is dry, there is no need to exclude them from the treated areas. You can have peace of mind knowing that your loved ones are safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Pro-Kleen NOGrow safe to use around water sources?
  • Yes, Pro-Kleen NOGrow is safe to use around water sources. However, it is always recommended to avoid direct contact with water bodies.

  • Can I use Pro-Kleen NOGrow on my lawn?
  • No, Pro-Kleen NOGrow should not be applied on grass as it may cause damage. It is specifically designed for use on hard surfaces like paths, patios, driveways, and decking.

  • How long does it take for Pro-Kleen NOGrow to dry?
  • The drying time of Pro-Kleen NOGrow may vary depending on weather conditions. On average, it takes about 1-2 hours to dry completely.


Say goodbye to weeds and moss with Pro-Kleen NOGrow Weed Killer 10L. Its quick results, powerful formula, and eco-friendly composition make it the perfect solution for your garden. With Pro-Kleen NOGrow, you can enjoy a weed-free and beautiful outdoor space without worrying about the safety of your children and pets. Try it today and see the amazing results for yourself!