Meister 9095080 Empty Tool Trolley – Product Description

Meister 9095080 Empty Tool Trolley – Product Description

Meister 9095080 Empty Tool Trolley

Are you tired of searching for your tools every time you need them? Look no further! The Meister 9095080 Empty Tool Trolley is here to solve all your storage problems. With its sturdy construction and ample storage space, this tool trolley is a must-have for every handyman.


Flexible Use

The Meister 9095080 Empty Tool Trolley is designed for versatile use. Whether you need to store tools, measuring devices, small parts, camera equipment, or electronic devices, this tool trolley has got you covered. It is also ideal for storing cordless screwdrivers and other power tools.

Lots of Storage Space

With 15 tool bag inserts and 6 compartments, this tool trolley offers plenty of space for your home tool assortment. The dividers are removable, allowing you to customize the compartments according to your needs. The Velcro and rubber bands ensure a secure hold of small parts assortments, preventing them from getting lost or damaged.

Practical Case

The Meister 9095080 Empty Tool Trolley is made of sturdy aluminium with rounded edges and corner protection. It features a comfort carry handle for easy transport and an integrated intermediate insert for compact storage of the tools. The main compartment is equipped with protective inner padding to keep your tools safe and secure.

Comfortable Transport

Transporting your tools has never been easier. The Meister 9095080 Empty Tool Trolley comes with integrated wheels that ensure smooth and comfortable transport. The trolley can be easily pulled, thanks to its extendable and 2-way height-adjustable handle. Say goodbye to backaches from carrying heavy toolboxes!


  • Dimensions: 460 x 350 x 190 mm
  • Number of compartments: 15 + 6
  • Empty weight: 4.1 kg
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Load capacity (max.): 15 kg

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can the dividers be adjusted?

A: Yes, the dividers in the tool trolley can be easily removed and adjusted to create custom compartments.

Q: Is the tool trolley suitable for heavy-duty use?

A: The tool trolley has a maximum load capacity of 15 kg, making it suitable for most home and professional use.

Q: Are the wheels durable?

A: Yes, the integrated wheels are designed to withstand regular use and provide smooth transport.


The Meister 9095080 Empty Tool Trolley is the perfect solution for organizing and storing your tools. With its flexible use, ample storage space, practical case, and comfortable transport, this tool trolley ticks all the boxes. Invest in this high-quality tool trolley and say goodbye to the hassle of searching for your tools!