MCC – 3x3m Pop-up Gazebo Waterproof Outdoor Garden Marquee Canopy NS (Red)

MCC – 3x3m Pop-up Gazebo Waterproof Outdoor Garden Marquee Canopy NS (Red)

MCC – 3x3m Pop-up Gazebo Waterproof Outdoor Garden Marquee Canopy NS (Red)

This recreational canopy sets up in just minutes. It is ideal for outdoor Sporting events, recreational activities, picnics, camping, community events, farmers markets or parties in the garden. The top provides 99 % Uv protection and is water resistant. This canopy comes with a heavy duty steel folding frame, 300 D top, guy ropes, pegs, weight bags and a storage carrying bag. It also includes set of four leg weight bags which can be filled with sand or soil. They are also designed to accept 2 litre drinks bottles which can be filled with water. This really does make a significant difference against other models tested on the market. Durable water proof 300 denier top ground coverage area of 9 sqm. Frame l x W x h: 3m x 3Mx 2.8 m carry bag l x W x h: 120 cm x 20 cm x 20 cm Contents: Gazebo carry bag Weight bags additional ropes and stakes installation manual please note: we do not Take any responsibility for sides, roof or frame when they have broken/been damaged due to wrong set up, and/or if it has been set up in the rain as it buckles The frame by the Water weight pressed on the roof. This requires 2-3 people to assemble The gazebo. You are required to use the provided sand bags, guy ropes and stakes, to secure the item properly. We will not be responsible to accept a return Or provide a refund for the item is the item has been damaged/broken by incorrect assembly/user error. This item should not be left unattended assembled overnight as again, we will not be responsible for any Damage to the product caused overnight.

About this item

  • 3m x 3m recreational shade
  • Sets up in just minutes
  • Fully assembled “Insta-Lock” steel frame
  • Durable Water Proof 300 Denier Top with silver lining which brightens up the inside of gazebo and adds to better waterproofing
  • Can be erected on both hard or soft ground. Includes Ropes and Stakes for added Stability
  • Durable Double Layer Water Proof 300 Denier Top

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can this gazebo be set up by one person?

No, it is recommended to have 2-3 people to assemble the gazebo for easier and safer installation.

2. Can the gazebo be left assembled overnight?

No, it is not recommended to leave the gazebo assembled overnight as it may cause damage to the product.

3. Is the gazebo waterproof?

Yes, the gazebo is water resistant and comes with a durable water proof 300 denier top.

4. Can the gazebo be used on both hard and soft ground?

Yes, the gazebo can be erected on both hard and soft ground. It includes ropes and stakes for added stability.

5. What is the size of the gazebo when packed in the carry bag?

The carry bag dimensions are approximately 120 cm x 20 cm x 20 cm.


The MCC – 3x3m Pop-up Gazebo is a versatile and durable outdoor canopy that is perfect for various recreational activities. With its easy setup and water resistant features, it provides a convenient and comfortable shelter for outdoor events. The included accessories such as weight bags, ropes, and stakes ensure stability and security. Whether it’s for sporting events, picnics, or parties in the garden, this gazebo is a reliable choice.