Franklin Sports NHL Goal & 2 Stick Set

Franklin Sports NHL Goal & 2 Stick Set

Franklin Sports NHL Goal & 2 Stick Set

Teach your kids, nieces or nephews the fundamentals of Hockey at an early age with the Franklin Sports NHL Goal & 2 Stick Set. Whether you’re playing indoors or outdoors, this durable goal remains upright on a number of surfaces from carpet to gravel. The set includes 1 goalie stick, 1 player stick and a Hockey ball, all combining to help turn your basement into an offensive end that’s perfect for shootout competitions between friends and family.


  • 1 INSTA-SET Hockey goal with sleeve net
  • 1 goalie stick (34″)
  • 1 player stick (34″)
  • 70mm Hockey ball
  • No assembly required
  • For ages 6 and up

Learn to Play

The Franklin Sports NHL Kids Hockey Goal Set is perfect for teaching your little athletes how to play the sport for the first time.

Promotes Outdoor Play

Including 2 sticks for 1-on-1 play, this hockey stick set promotes outdoor play and can get your little athletes outside and active as they test out and practice their Hockey.

Easy Assembly

Our Insta-Set easy fold corner joints fold & lock into place to easily assemble or break down the goal in seconds.

Official NHL Branding

Franklin and the NHL are proud to offer an item where kids of all ages can experience the thrill and excitement of Hockey – teach how to play while keeping learning fun.